Lady Eleonore

Private collection

This figurative art painting, is my most recent commissioned work. The piece was unveiled in Los Angeles 4th March 2018 and portrays Eleonore 'Ele' Hansson a music R & B artist of Swedish and North African decent. Before settling down to painting Eleonore I had the opportunity to get to know her as a woman. Eleonore once said "I think that a lot of times women are portrayed as overexposed, super sexual and more promiscuous than gracious. I don’t think that is who they are but it is based on how the world or the media portrays women in such a way" For this reason I wanted to portray her not only as a beautiful fertility Queen, but as a confident strong independent woman who is learning through life's experience to move with love from being a woman centred in herself first and foremost, to being a wife, mother and international music artist. "I feel like what I am saying in each song is coming from a lady not a girl who is clueless. It’s not coming from a person who is trying to figure it out. It’s coming from a person who is fairly seasoned and poised enough in my life, love and music experiences. I’ve grown into knowing that I am a lady not a girl"

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